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Mostly hidden from public view for decades, BHG Art Management and its partners are humbled and thrilled to be showcasing, for the first time ever, original artwork from The Jackson-Strong Alliance creative partnership.

The Jackson-Strong Alliance was a creative partnership between Michael Joseph Jackson, perhaps the greatest entertainer of all time and Brett-Livingstone Strong, best known for his historic monumental sculptures. Their aim was to establish the world’s most dynamic arts enterprise, promoting the power of imagination, not just for creativity’s sake, but for the sake of important world causes. Michael and Brett focused their creative expression in support of the arts, international charities and protecting the environment of our planet.

Established in 1989, the Jackson-Strong Alliance (“JSA”) agreement was formed by Michael’s attorney, Mr. Branca, who was very helpful and supportive to both Michael and Brett throughout their partnership.


Michael loved to draw while listening to music – everything from classical to jazz and rock – he would relax with his focus on creation and talk to Brett about many historic artists he admired such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Van Gough, Monet, Pollack as well as Brett and Michael’s friend, Andy Warhol. Brett felt all of Michael’s worries were pushed aside during these passionate times of drawing, painting and sculpting, as he needed an outlet to relax; disconnected from other parts of his life.


Beginning in 1989, Michael, in collaboration with Brett, started creating a series of original works of art in their JSA studio in several hangars at the Santa Monica airport, as well as in Brett's Pacific Palisades studio house. These efforts continued through the early 1990's, resulting in the creation of beautiful art pieces done on custom made JSA embossed archival paper which include Michael’s embossed signature and dancing shoes logo.


We look forward to showcasing the enchanting creations created as part of the Jackson-Strong Alliance that are now managed by BHG Art Management.

Thank you

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